New game in the works!
After a big SwipeRace bugfix fiesta, I'm now developing a new and completely different game, but again for Android! Stay tuned for more.
Dakror - 11/20/17
Work is being done!
I've read your reviews and am glad for the constructive feedback! New version is in the works including tons of bugfixes, more languages and new track parts.
Dakror - 05/01/17
SwipeRace is out!
I did it! I just finished my first android game, SwipeRace! Go get it on Google Play!
Dakror - 09/28/16
Yet another redesign
I'm never getting tired of redesigning my crappy website to have even less functionality and transform more and more into a portfolio.
I just want to present my games okay? Yeah...
Dakror - 09/24/16